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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Back from Kent this afternoon. Too late to go to the plot, but will definitely go tomorrow afternoon.
I managed to get the Sarah Raven book of veg gardening at Waterstone's at Bluewater....for £10!!! It is an amazing book....and I'll be doing lots of what she suggests. It tends towards the ornamental style of veg well as being very practical. I'll be able to follow the ornamental suggestions here at home, and the practical stuff at the allotment.
At Wisley I got a wonderful hoe, the "Winged Weeder" by Burgon and Ball. It has a tiny triangular head, very sharp, with a very long handle. I also got a new trowel....stainless steel. I'll use that one at home and take the old one to the plot.
I also got some interesting packets of seeds. Some red brussels sprouts...Red Delicious; some Tomatillo, "De Milpa Purple"; and some seeds to grow Caper Plants. I love tuna with mayonnaise and capers so I'll be able to have a home supply....if they germinate! They require rather a rigmarole of soaking and freezing and soaking we'll see!
The BBC weather site gives quite sunny days til the weekend so I'll have lots of chances to get digging!!!
Off to bed to read Sarah Raven!!!


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