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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Here and there

Friday, March 10th, 2006

It did rain a bit this morning so I concentrated on the polytunnel and the veg garden at home instead. Then I was pleased that the sun came out so I could go to the plot to start the digging.
The soil is wonderful. I only need to single dig it and remove the weeds and it will soon be done. I did about 2'6" in 1 1/2 hours; not brilliant but I'm quite pleased with the progress. Tomorrow I'll go again and do another 2'6"...that'll be almost half of the patch for the first earlies.
I was rained off for about 10 be honest it was hail, followed by rain. But the rest of the time was sunny. I sheltered in the shed which is on the plot....they have given me a key to use, which is very generous and trusting of them. I'm so grateful that there is shelter for when it rains, it means I don't have to run back to the car.....which is quite a way away.
In the polytunnel I have started seeds for mint, parsley, basil (in the propagator), sweetcorn, peppers, parsnips, cucumbers and melons (in the propagator), marigolds, summer savoury (to put out next to the broad beans to deter pests) and leeks.
In the veg garden at home I have prepared four of the deep beds ready for planting up soon. One of the other beds already has garlic and onion sets in, and the calendula and strawberries which edge them are doing fine.

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