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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hours on plot so far...15. That includes 1 1/2 hours today. I paced out what I have done and compared it with what is left and have done 1/3 of my bit. I am very pleased with that and feel reassured that I have not taken on more than I can manage. Next year should be a breeze if I keep what I've done in order.

I noticed, glancing up the paths either side of the plot, that the paths are very wide, and that my digging edge is a bit snaky. So....when I have done my next stint, I am going to endeavour to straighten the edges, and to dig a slight bit further into the path. At the moment there are some tiles which a previous plotter has put as edging, that need taking out, the edge trimmed, then putting back in place. As they only stretch part of the way down the plot I might take them up altogether and just edge the plot by going deep along the grass edge and throwing the soil across the beds. I hope this wouldn't mean the path would collapse. I suppose I could test a bit first.

My seeds from Sarah Raven came this morning. These are....
Courgette Tomboncino
Courgette Soleil
Squash Pink Banana
Squash Blue Ballet, and
Calendula officinalisIndian Prince...or Pot Marigold.

We eat a lot of courgettes, so I know I haven't "over bought"! I hope we enjoy them; I'm looking forward to eating them. We especially like them sliced into rounds, some of the water squeezed out of them by putting them on kitchen paper, another sheet over the top, get your rolling pin and push the end into each slice. Then fry them in a non-stick pan using a very little olive oil, or an olive oil spray, salt them a little, and you have courgette chips. Delicious, low calorie and VERY moreish!

I bought some other varieties the other week...Italian....these are
Courgette Lungo Blanco...and
Courgette Rugosa Friulana.
I'll probably end up supplying the whole street....!

I intend to start only two seeds of each variety, with the intention of only using one plant of each. I don't really have room for more than that...they being so space greedy! Hopefully the seeds will be good for a few years. I have always managed to use old courgette and squash seeds for some years before...hopefully I will this time too. I have started keeping my seeds in the fridge....hope they'll be ok!

Time to start dinner....we do have courgettes tonight....from Tesco. Can't wait for mine. I've started a seed off so I can have some in the greenhouse bed (I'm sure wittered on about this yesterday!)


At 24/3/06 5:47 pm, Blogger patsy said...

sound like you are full steam ahead on the garden, must look up that vegetbale that you are growing, sound like squash. we will see.

At 24/3/06 5:51 pm, Blogger patsy said...

right its a green squash we grow they are called zuc. can't spell it! we put them in bread and they are great cooked with tomatoe, when we fry them we roll them in corn meal. hummm good

At 24/3/06 5:56 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said... is zuchinni (zucchini???)I should have said that before as I know that they are called that in the US.
I'll have t try the cornmeal option!

At 25/3/06 11:10 am, Blogger clairesgarden said...

once you've had your own fresh courgettes you'll never be able to eat a tesco one again! and yes, there is such a thing a too many courgettes. . .all your friends are about to find that out!!


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