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Monday, March 27, 2006

Well.....another day of no show at the plot. This morning I couldn't go, and then when I could this afternoon it poured and poured. So I cut my losses and did my patchwork instead...actually applique.
The weather forecast for the rest of the week here gives rain most days. Next Sunday I have visitors for 4 days, so when I'll be able to get the spuds and onions in is anyone's guess!
It was too miserable to do anything in the garden or even the greenhouse too. I don't want to start any more seeds etc until it warms up a bit in the tunnel...we need some sun for that....and I have to go to B&Q before I do something about the gutter and water butt situation. I tried to order a butt on-line from Southern Water as they do a good offer if you are in their area...but the website was playing up, so I couldn't get one. I'll try again tomorrow.
I am so glad that the clocks have changed at last...maybe I could use some early evening spots now for my plot!!!
I have consoled myself with not being able to go today by watching my "The Allotment" DVD...brilliant!
Did anyone see that Brick Lane programme last night about the Bangladeshi family? The spurned wife had an allotment!


At 27/3/06 8:03 am, Blogger clairesgarden said...

looking on the bright side, if it keeps raining maybe they'll lift the hosepipe ban?


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