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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hours at the plot so far.....55 1/2.

It was soooo hot today that I gave up outside at about 3 and stayed cool until I went up the plot at 6.30. It was glorious up there then.

I lifted and bent over the onions and shallots. I'll leave them a day or two to dry a bit, then if rain threatens I'll bring them home to the tunnel to dry properly.
I have a good crop.....they are huge....and if string them properly they'll last me ages. I also have some in the patch here at home....but nothing like as big!

I dug up one row of my Second Early potatoes. The haulms were yellowing nicely so it is time to take them. The crop was very good.....I dug up 18 pounds from one row....just 12 seed potatoes to produce that lot!!!!!!!!!!! I'm very pleased!

Then I spent an hour trying to uncover the plotholder's shed and patio which were submerged in bindweed! I have created a huge pile which I have left on her patch as my compost heap is already too big to manage. I feel I have to do something about her bit as the weeds are growing, and seeding, and we'll get complaints (rightly!) and possibly ousted from the plot. When I have made it respectable I'll dig her bit over and green manure it. Maybe next year she'll concede the lot to me.....!!! I'm taking her some spuds tomorrow....a thankyou and a "bribe"!!!

After all that I should have watered everything, but I needed the loo.....and if I'd started pouring water........................! I'll go down early tomorrow and give everything a good soak. I also need to do something about the pathetic bean support before the beans start climbing!


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