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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Not much to report today. I have sown some seeds for brassicas to put out at the plot in a few weeks when all the spuds are out. I saw an offer today for plants to be sent out at the end of August or early September so I felt sure they must be planting theirs about now. I've sown 9 plugs each of these varieties....
Cabbage "Mitchililli"
Cabbage "Red Acre"
Cabbage "Early Round Dutch"
Cabbage "Invernale Mantovano"
Cabbage "Mammoth Red Rock"
Cabbage "Copenhagen Market"
Cauliflower "Di Jesi"
I've no idea if they are appropriate to sow now as they were little packets I got from an internet offer last year of 50 packets of seed for £5. (from The little plastic ziploc bags only have the name of the variety on them and no further info. They were a good deal though as the ones I have used so far have all germinated.

In the Sq Ft Garden some of the squares are showing signs of life already. The Raba di Cima, the turnips, the Pak Choi and the carrots have all sprouted. I'll thin the Pak Choi in a day or two. I overdid the seed sowing as I didn't trust them all to germinate....I'll know better next time.

I potted on the little blueberry plugs I got cheap from T&M last month into some ericaceous compost I remembered to get today. It is funny how a plant that looked just a little big for a 3" pot suddenly looks huge when it goes into a 6" pot. The blueberries seemed to grow the instant I potted them on!

I knocked the "Traveller's Joy" plants I grew from seed (I got two good ones) out of the pots to see how they are getting on. They are in 3" pots at the moment and will be ok in them for a while longer.....but the roots were looking good. And the pomegranate bushes I started from seed are looking really good. I should have taken a picture.....sorry. It's getting a bit gloomy now so I'll leave it til tomorrow.

We have rain on the way and I have just rigged up a tandem butt to the one that takes most of the water from the roof. So we'll save a lot more than we have of late.

By the way....if any UK bloggers don't know about this website they are missing shows the rain coming so you'll know exactly when to get the washing in!!!! and when not to bother watering!


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