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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

This post is by way of a record as to planting dates.....!
The T&M free climber collection that I have been waiting for came just now. I've potted the little plugs into bigger pots as follows......
1) Clematis Montana Rubens (pink) into a black 5" pot. (I am pleased there was one of these in the collection as I strimmed off the one I paid £6.50 for last Autumn.....! Dummy!)
2) Clematis Tang Bill McKenzie (yellow) Group 3, into a 5" black pot.
3) Lonicera Jap Halliana into a 3" plastic pot.
4) Lonicera Belgica into a 3" plastic pot. This one had no leaves! The blurb with it all assures me that it'll grow......we'll see!
5) Passiflora Caerulea, into a 3" pot.
and 6) Passiflora Constance Elliot, into a 3 " pot.
All looked healthy and sturdy except number 4.....which I don't expect to do too well.
They are all under the staging in the tunnel for a day or two then outside before the heatwave this weekend!


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