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Thursday, February 01, 2007

This morning I did my usual three buckets of white weeds. Then, as I'd remembered to take the camera , and although it was dull I thought I'd do an update and a comparison with how the plot looked when I took it on........!

The first picture shows how much I've dug so far. I reckon I am almost a third of the way there! At the fence end of this bit is the fruit.....raspberry canes, a gooseberry bush and some rhubarb crowns. The green bit with the bricks round is the herb bed....where I have moved herbs from all over the plot.

The bit I have dug today had a bath in it last month filled with plants....!

This next picture shows how the rest of the plot looks. It shows where I have moved the rubbish heap to, and the "incinerator", the manure pile (under the blue tarp), the greenhouse piled in bits on the manure pile (waiting for the other plotters to take it to where they will be putting it up for communal use), and my new shed!
This is how the plot looked from the same corner when I took it over...... on the 10th December.....just over 6 weeks ago.....!
This is how the top of the plot looked then. It has come a long way, and even though I don't seem to do much when I go I think this approach is manageable for me.....with my iffy back!

It was warm there this morning even though it was dull. I almost stripped down to shirt layer and would have if I'd had a long sleeved shirt on!

I won't get to the plot til Monday now as I am off to the mainland tomorrow to see my mother, and to go to a patchwork show at Ardingly on Saturday with my sister. (Pictures from that will go on my Patchwork Blog next week!)


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