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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Photo a day....27th March.

Went to Wisley yesterday. I always make straight for the vegetable gardens. I particularly wanted to see the plot they are doing this year the same as was on Carol Klein's Grow Your Own Veg programme last year.
The first picture shows the plan on the sign by the garden. (The picture will enlarge enough to read it if you click on it).

The second picture shows the garden as it looked yesterday morning. I have taken it from the opposite side because of the way the sun was....!
As you can see there are only broad beans and shallots in there as yet.

I am going to pop into Wisley and see this garden every few weeks when I go back to Kent (I have to go along the A3) to visit my mother. I will photograph its progress for you all!

More Wisley Veg Garden pictures tomorrow!
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At 28/3/07 1:38 am, Blogger janus2810 said...

just browsing around the internet, came upon your blog, my wife is doing a similar thing over at ther blog, a photo a day @ check it out if you're interested, I'm sure she would appreciate the visit! All the best! JP

At 28/3/07 7:03 am, Blogger RUTH said...

Will enjoy your keeping us all updated as the season progresses

At 28/3/07 9:13 am, Blogger Matron said...

I also make a B-line for the model veg garden when I go to Wisley. I am inspired by the type of veggies they grow in containers there. I visit regularly with my RHS membership, so we might bump into each other over a cloche!


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