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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Photo a day.....31st March

Last of my photos from my Wisley trip. Of all the rhubarb plants they were trialling in their two long rhubarb beds this was the biggest, and the healthiest. I think the name says "Merton's Foremost". When I come to replace my rhubarb I'll get this one!!!
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At 1/4/07 2:18 am, Blogger Annie said...

Oh I envy you having rhubarb growing in your area. It's too hot where I live for it to grow. I've heard there are efforts to create a hot weather variety and I do hope that will come to be. I love rhubarb pie and cakes.

At 1/4/07 8:16 am, Blogger RUTH said...

We love rhubarb and for a few years managed togrow some in pots; we didn't get a massive crop but what we did have was lovely.

At 1/4/07 2:33 pm, Blogger Lucky-1 said...

I have for 8 years now tried every year to grow rhubarb and I have now killed 8 crowns. The tremble in plant nurseries when they see me coming.

Decided I have murdered enough of these wonderful plants and have now given up on these plants...sigh.


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