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Monday, June 18, 2007

Photo a day....18th June.

East Wind.

This delightful "Courtyard" garden was the same size as "Shinglesea" but the clever design makes it seem much much bigger. It was lovely...!

The blurb in the Chelsea guide says.....
"The Japanese people are used to the rich, seasonal and spontaneous natural landscape of Japan. So how do they feel when seeing the beautiful English countryside for the first time, or watching clouds blow over the Cotswold Hills? These feelings are the inspiration for East Wind, a garden that fuses English plants and scenery with the Japanese landscape.

The garden mixes east and west. Patterns of white sand wrap softly around flowers and green foliage, and a garden gate and stepping stones lead to a bench where, if you sit, you may be able to feel the wind from the east. In a Japanese garden it is common to find features such as the garden gate, or paving, which are included here.East Wind features a fusion approach to garden design that we hope will become popular in the future."

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At 18/6/07 9:05 pm, Blogger RUTH said...

I like the use of the hardy geranium as underplanting.


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