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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Photo a day.....20th June.

Casa Forte.

It was a pity I saw this when the sun was hiding. It is a Mediterranean garden that needs the sun to make it "sing".

The Chelsea catalogue tells us that...." This is a cool Mediterranean retreat, reflecting the essence of styles from that region to emulate a relaxed holiday feeling within the garden at home.
Crushed Limestone, geometric shapes and Roman terracotta roof tiles pick out the colours and textures of classic Mediterranean architecture. The rustic walling of rammed earth adds a North African flavour to the fusion. Hot, dry planting, such as Olea europaea, pays tribute to the countryside, and contrasts with the cool, lush foliage in the shade of the courtyard wall. The traditional elements of running water from the village spring and clipped Buxus sempervirens have been given a contemporary twist."
This was another garden that I fell in love with. It makes me feel I am on holiday, and sitting reading a "summer" read novel would be very appealing in these surroundings.

Another small garden that manages to look big!

NB For those who haven't been following these photos of mine from the start....they are from my visit to the Chelsea Flower Show last month, and the quotes are from the show catalogue which I bought there.
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