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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Photo a day...21st June.

Le Jardin de Vincent.

This garden was really cute. The Chelsea guide says...
"Between 1888 and 1890 Vincent van Gogh stayed in Provence. Enthused by the quality of the light and the countryside, he produced some of his most famous works. Le Jardin de Vincent captures fragments of van Gogh's paintings, from Yellow House to Irises. The clues are in the garden
: the easel with its half-painted canvas, palette and brushes on a table, pipe and tobacco on a chair, straw hat, old boots and dried sunflowers.... Visitors can make their own association with van Gogh, his paintings and the gardens he loved.

The garden is simple, with a colour palette of gentle greys and greens. These bring the striking blue of the irises and the sunshine orange of the Calendula to life. A fig and oleander lean lazily against the house. Three cypresses brood dark green by the window. An old olive tree is surrounded by lavenders, santolinas, thyme and oxe-eye daisies. The leaves of Calamagrostis mimic the wheat fields painted by van Gogh.

This is a garden of broad brush strokes, moving colours and a seductive simplicity that are suggestive of van Gogh's work."

That blurb is very fanciful, but the gist is that the garden was simple. It was, but that is its charm. You could "live" with this garden quite comfortably.

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At 22/6/07 7:26 am, Blogger RUTH said...

A sweet garden. I'm really enjoying these Chelsea garden tours.


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