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Friday, June 29, 2007

Photo a day....29th June.

The Garden of Transience.

Another garden which was difficult to photograph, so I've photocopied the blurb we were given (first picture).

The Chelsea guide says.....

"Garden of Transience has been designed by a Japanese landscape architect. Set within an urban environment, either as a private garden or a tiny space enclosed by office buildings, the themes of this garden are tranquility and a sense of transience. The small garden can be a valuable space
where it is possible to hide away and nurture inner calm; a place for stepping away from our busy lives and becoming immersed in our senses.
The garden ids designed to project light and shadow. Mirror-like water in a shallow basin reflects the movement of the sky revealing nature's constant state of flux. Bamboo sways and captures the sound of the breeze. The design demonstrates a Japanese perspective on the perception of space, especially by changing the quality of light and obscuring the appearance of objects.
This is an experimental garden, which emphasizes the transience of nature; it awakens our memories, just as a poem might awaken something deep within our mind."

All a bit fanciful, but I sort of get what he means....! And I think I might not feel to tranquil if it was my job to mow those slopes and trim those edges. A garden for those with staff I think.

(BTW I completely forgot to do a PAD for yesterday....what a nit!)
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At 29/6/07 7:03 pm, Blogger RUTH said...

Not exactly an easy maintenance garden with those slopes; a little too minimilistic for me...I need more flowers!

At 29/6/07 8:57 pm, Blogger clairesgarden said...

it looks very tranquil, hopefully one's gardeners would not diturb one when sitting there with ones evening g'n't.
and your weeds, marvellous! they are too! a sure indication fo fertile soil just waiting for the gardeners to come while you drink a wee g'n't. . . . .


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