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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Photo a day....30th June.

More from Chelsea.
I know I should have got down lower for these photos, but late in a long day on my feet it just wasn't going to happen! If you click on the photos you'll see why I was intrigued by this display. It was a sort of block of flats for bugs to hibernate in, which was also attractive to look at. The plants are also attractants for insects.

This was on the Writtle College stand in the Lifelong Learning section in the Grand Pavilion. (I always learn such a lot from this section at the show). This particular stand had lots of wonderful tips for green gardeners....and I loved this one.
In their free leaflet they have a section entitled "Why a Wildlife Garden is a Green Garden". They explain that
"Wildlife can be very specific about the type of habitat it will live in. Often, certain species are extremely sensitive to environmental disturbance and especially so where pollution is concerned.
Quite simply, the more species your garden contains, the healthier it is likely to be. Wildlife in a garden is an excellent indicator therefore of your "green" credentials.
An Army of Garden Helpers.
A vast range of creatures may take up permanent or temporary residence in a garden.Whilst a few of these are well known to us as potential pests that can damage our garden plants, the overwhelming majority will cause no harm at all.

Some species are extremely beneficial in the garden and will actually help you to control [pests by eating them and keeping their numbers down naturally. Encouraging these in the garden can have positive benefits by enabling you to reduce pesticide use.
Any garden can be enhanced through the inclusion of nest boxes or hibernation sites for these creatures; if you have room you can build a "habitat stack" like the one shown here."

So, guess what I'm planning both in my garden and at the plot?!!!!! I hope mine can look as beautiful as this one.
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At 30/6/07 10:38 pm, Blogger RUTH said...

I do like that dragon and couldn't help spotting that cherry Salvia in the background. I wonder how hardy it is. I'm looking forward to the Hamton Court TV coverage this week. I was lucky enough to go in 2004. Enjoy you insect home building...don't forget to take photos.


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