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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Spent a while at the plot this morning whilst it was still shady as I don't "do" sun! I started thinning the beetroots with the intention of using the little ones for pickling whole and leaving the rest to grow a bit bigger before harvesting them for the same purpose. But when I started pulling them I found that there were some big ones already, and a lot of them were being eaten by woodlice....armies of them. So I pulled all that were any size at all, then came home and spent the afternoon pickling them. I ended up with 7 large jars full. That isn't nearly enough for us so I must re-sow and hope to get the same amount again or more before winter. I think there is time.

I'll be looking to pull some of the carrots soon I think. I've not grown this variety before (Flakee) and I'm not sure how long to leave them or how big to let them grow.

The onions are swelling slowly....I think we'll have enough here for us for the winter.

These still need a jolly good weeding when I have a minute.
The courgettes are slowly picking up and beginning to fruit.
The cabbages which were a gift from my neighbour at the plots, and the p s broccoli, are really growing on now. I'll have to remove the net next time I go to the plot and hoe the weeds off before they get a hold.

I might have time soon for a good clear out of the shed at the plot. It needs more shelves to make it organisable.
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At 20/6/07 7:09 pm, Blogger Matron said...

We love beetroot too! there is something so moorish, even addictive about the taste. My dog Buddy loves them too!

At 20/6/07 8:06 pm, Blogger Sheila said...

Lilymarlene, thank you for stopping by..!
I have just been catching up with your goodness what a difference since I was last here.
Also the 'gardens' you show are lovely, I like Moving On, Shinglesea, and the Old Gate, best...for their nostalgia value I think. Very nice..!

At 21/6/07 10:50 am, Blogger RUTH said...

Home pickled much nice than shop bought. I love fresh steamed baby beetroot to.
Happy Gardening.


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