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Monday, July 09, 2007

My dear friend in Florida suggested trying Irfanview for re-sizing so this is the result.
Photo a day....9th July.

These alliums on an exhibit in the Grand Pavilion at Chelsea were delicious!

( OK ...I've come back to this after checking that it is there and not a red x again and so far so good.
To get a bigger view you can click on the photo. It doesn't come up as big as they used to but it gives an idea.
I suppose the days of my lovely, clear detailed photos on my blogs are over....! One wonders what is the point of 6.3m pixels. One also wonders how Talj and others with super cameras manage to get the wonderful definition in their photos to come out on blogger.....I think I am missing something but am not tecchie enough to know what or even how to articulate it...!))
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At 9/7/07 10:49 pm, Blogger RUTH said...

Beautifil alliums and great to see the photo. Is blogger STILL playing you up? What a pain.


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