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Monday, July 02, 2007

Photo a day....2nd July.

Mandeville Street.

One of the Lifelong earning exhibits in the Grand Pavilion was this one. I have copied the leaflet we were given as it explains what this estate in Hackney (Clapton Park Estate) are doing to improve the environment for the residents.

The leaflet is entitled "A Fresh Look at Urban Green Space Maintenance".

"If you drive from the Chelsea Flower Show to our estate in Hackney this is what you will see.
Our exhibit is literally a cross section of one of our green spaces...warts and all.
By sowing annual flowers instead of the traditional twice yearly spray with herbicide we have transformed the muddy edges of our Estate into flower meadows.
We are here to show everyone what can be done and, we hope, encourage other estates to take another look at their green spaces."

"Put poppies in front of a dull fence and suddenly the space makes you smile....all for 50p worth of seed". John Little (Grass Roof Company)
If you had to live in London it would be nicer to live here than most other estates...!

Today was not really plot weather as it was very very windy. I did go to dig some spuds and harvest courgettes. Then this evening I weeded the front garden. Usually that is a real pill to do because it dries to concrete, but the weeds just popped out this time. I'll finish that tomorrow and maybe get to the plot for a couple of hours.
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At 3/7/07 7:36 am, Blogger RUTH said...

What a wonderful community project. It must make a difference to the area to have people pulling together in a united cause...especially with such a delightful outcome. 50p for so many smiles rings so true. It's been very windy here too; despite the copious amounts of rain I've still had to water baskets and pots as the wind dries them out so quickly. Happy Gardening.


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