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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Photo a day......28th July

I walked the dogs right along the beaches this afternoon. It was really bustly as everyone was making the best of the sunshine.

Yesterday I spent a long morning at the plot. I took up all the onions and threw a lot away. The ones I think I can salvage are now here at home in the polytunnel. I hope they'll dry out enough to be able to store some of them.
A neighbouring plotholder suggested making the best of a bad job by chopping up any iffy ones (discarding the brown slimy bits), then giving them a quick blitz in the microwave, then bag them up and freeze them. I am going to try that. We have a new chest freezer (that always makes me giggle inwardly!) coming on Wednesday and I hope to be able to freeze a lot of stuff from the plot.
Has anyone got any idea how I go about freezing courgettes, or red cabbage? We have both now in vast quantities!
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At 28/7/07 9:57 pm, Blogger Greenmantle said...

I have frozen courgettes in the past, by slicing them, laying them on baking trays with a sprinkle of salt, dabbing them off with kitchen towel before freezing them flat, then bagging them up aferwards. They can go a bit mushy on reheating though, so probably best to make them into a sort of rataouille and freeze that instead..including some onions of course

At 29/7/07 4:26 pm, Blogger RUTH said...

I was going to suggest rataouille as well; I've never tried freezing courgettes raw so interesting advice from greenmantle. The same with red cabbage I've only frozen it cooked.Rx


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