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Saturday, September 08, 2007

I walked the dogs through the allotments this afternoon as I needed to pick the raspberries and water my cabbage plants. I'll be away til Monday and won't get to the plot until Tuesday so they'll have to cope. They're in the shade so should last.

Picture 1 shows a view down the plot. Since the tidy up it looks a lot better.

Down the right end, near where Freddie is standing, is the broccoli plant bad. To the left of that are the squash and courgette beds. Coming towards us you can see the potato haulms still in the ground marking where the maincrop potatoes are. (I'm not digging these up until I want them for the table. Apparently that works well here on the island as we have such mild winters.) The next bed is full of green manure, waiting for the cabbage plants. Then in the very lh corner you can see a few leaves of the pumpkin.
Picture 2 shows the rest of the plot. The pumpkin bed also has the beetroot in....the pumpkin has trailed all through them.

Then the last bed has carrots in the foreground, with ant powder ...against the woodlice. Hungry little blighters! Behind the carrots is a different green manure.

Along the back of the plot are the sunflowers. they are a bit dry and look it! They are up on the bank so any moisture drains away quite quickly.

You can see the globe artichoke plants and the comfrey. The G as were from seed this year, and the comfrey is a very welcome volunteer. I have shorn it a few times to add to the compost heap.

The raspberries have been cropping heavily...which isn't bad for first year canes. I don't know if this is one crop you shouldn't eat from the plant in its first year, but we have! The rhubarb root which I gleaned from the surplus seat this spring has also been very prolific, in its first year! The one I got from E-bay is a tiny miserable thing. I actually got two but one totally disappeared. A gooseberry plant which I also started off this spring is growing well. It has a nice open shape so hopefully mildew won't be a problem.

And finally.....a picture of the view from our back bedroom window. We have to crane our necks to see it, but we do definitely have "Solent glimpses" (as it said in the spec when we viewed!)


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