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Friday, October 19, 2007

Blogger is absolutely driving me mad this evening. I have tried loading photos but this was the only one that "took"! It does show some of what I have spent the day doing.
Earlier today I got an answer to my IW Freecycle ad asking for free pallets to mak compost heaps with. Someone replied that they are free at Hursts in Newport for the taking. I went and got them then we built the bays this afternoon.
In the LH one is what is left of my manure from last autumn. It is beautifully rotted down now and I'm gradually spreading it over my cleared beds.
The RH one now holds all the stuff from the Dalek, on top of what was in the Dalek up til last week. It needs a blanket or carpet over the top.....I'll take some old carpet down there tomorrow.
I am very pleased to have got this done at last. I have produced a mountain of weed and plant waste this week, most of which was sitting in the barrow until this morning. Then a neighbouring plotholder had a bonfire and he kindly burnt mine too. I should have kept it for my heap, but the info on the pallets came after the deed was done.
The Dalek will now come home to my K Garden to add to my 4 Daleks which I have here.
On the subject of is the season for deliveries at the plots. I have ordered a I will have to spread last years a.s.a.p. so that the bay will be empty when it comes. Then I'll store the new stuff for a year....I like using it much better when it is well rotted.


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