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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Farmers' Market prices.

I was just researching into local veg producers, as I do need to buy some veg now my home grown are running out. I looked at Bigbarn website and typed in my postcode and found that in Ryde, on Friday mornings, in the St John's Ambulance Hall, in Newport Street, they have a Country Market each week. I shall certainly give them a visit next week to see what they have to offer.

There is a Farmer's Market in Newport on Friday mornings, but that would be adding 9 or 10 (x2) miles onto the foodmiles total and Ryde is much nearer. I have found too in the past that Farmer's Markets are rather pricey. They tend to cater to the well-heeled. At the one where we used to live they would sell loaves of bread for £2 and quiches for £7. Now I do agree that if people are too lazy to make a quiche then they probably deserve to be ripped off, but even so.... that is still a bit dear!

Hopefully the Country Market will be a bit more sensibly priced.

It always seemed odd to me that the farmers would charge so much for their stuff at the Farmers' Market. They are always saying in the press that farmers don't get enough for their produce from the supermarket chains......that the supermarkets buy cheap and then add a huge mark-up to the price. But I would have thought that if they charged the same price for their produce at the Farmers' Market as the supermarkets charge the public for the veg then they are still getting an awful lot more for their labours than if they sold to the supermarkets. They would also get flocks of people to buy the stuff....they'd be rich.But with their "exclusive" prices (the word "exclusive" used advisedly)....they do exclude the majority of us from buying their wares.



At 18/2/08 9:17 am, Blogger Matron said...

Glad you found the Bigbarn site, it's great isn't it? I agree with you about the prices that supermarkets pay farmers, it's criminal. I'm giving up supermarkets for Lent, it's difficult but I'm coping.


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