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Thursday, February 28, 2008

More seed sowing!

It has been spitting all day so just a spell in the tunnel sowing more seeds.
This time it was...
Mint 4 modules
Dill 4 ditto
Chives 8 modules
Little Gem 8 modules
Marigolds 'Spanish Brocade' 30 modules
Sweet Pea Dwarf 32 rootrainers
Nasturtiums 20 modules
Cerinthe Purpurescens (?) 8 modules (that's all the seeds there were in the pack!!! I was staggered!)

I bought some more seeds this morning but haven't sown them yet. Limnanthes Douglassii (poached egg plant) for sowing under the gooseberry and raspberry bushes at the plot. King Richard Leeks, for sowing in modules 3 per sq and planting out as sown and then harvesting them slim.

I also bought myself another long handled fork for weeding a the plot. I keep forgetting to take the one from home when I go.

Late this afternoon I harvested a large carrier bag of broccoli, and some small globe artichoke heads. I am going to eat them Cyprus style; as whole raw baby veg. You cut them in quarters, pull out the choke, and serve with a good squeeze of lemon. I haven't tried it yet. I'll report on how it goes. (The recipe book says it has "a remarkable aftertaste, which leaves you reaching for a drink" better have them when I haven't got to drive.)



At 29/2/08 6:07 pm, Blogger clairesgarden said...

the tunnel looks fab, too cold and windy here though I might be tempted to see sweet peas and beans maybe, see how th eweather is on monday.


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