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Thursday, June 05, 2008


Today my new strawberry plants arrived from Ken Muir. I paid for these at the Chelsea Flower Show and hoped they wouldn't come just yet as the bed that will be their home isn't empty. So I have put them into three long "balcony pots" from Lidl (last year). These have a reservoir underneath and therefore the strawberries won't die from lack of they do when I try to grow them in growbags. They hate to stand in water so these pots seem to be the answer.

The varieties are
Early midsummer....Honeoye 6 plants
Midsummer...Tenira 6 plants
Late Summer...Chelsea Pensioner....6 plants.

I will put them into the bed later in the year, after fruiting, ready for next year.

More photos tomorrow when I have restored order to the back Kitchen Garden. We did a run to the tip today with a carload of branches, and the old wood which edged the tunnel deep beds. We debated whether to keep these bits for the living room open fire but the chimney is already starting to tar up from some wood we burnt on it, and we have decided to stick to coal in future. The wood was full of woodlice I wouldn't have wanted it indoors. (The car now has a resident squad of woodlice....til the next time I hoover it out!)


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