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Thursday, July 10, 2008


The comfrey that I moved from all over the plot to this spot last autumn produces a regular supply of lush vegetation for mulching and for the compost heap.

I hoed all round the raspberries and cut down all the comfrey to tidy up this area.

There was also a lot of mess....weeds and overgrown artichokes...crowding out the rhubarb. All cut down and removed now. I expect I'll have a winter crop of artichokes again this year.
The comfrey leaves, and the grass mowings from home are now excluding light on the Charlotte potato bed. I removed the dying tops last week, and they are waiting to be dug up as I want them. I exclude the light in case there are some a bit near the top which might go green.
The cabbages are looking good. We are having the biggest for dinner tonight. I'll have all of these before they get too big and then split like last year...
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At 10/7/08 8:21 pm, Blogger stitchwort said...

I love comfrey, and I bought a plant from a good garden centre. It's comfrey, but not the same sort as the tall hedge one. It's short, and the flowers are low and small. But it has lots of insects for the birds, and there is plenty of excess growth to put in the compost bin.


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