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Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm whacked!!

Spent the morning AND the afternoon at the plot as DH assures me we are in for a wet week. I will be glad of the rain....but why can't it come only at night? Anyway, all is weeded and hoed so the rain will soak in rather than running off.

I picked (and ate because there were only 8 !!!) the raspberries. These are Autumn Bliss and were a bit early. There is not much coming along so I hope that this was just a first flush with lots more to come later....

The first photo shows the spud bed with all the haulms cut off now, and the rows hoed, earthed up and weeded. Also the mulch that I put down the other day....more to come when we mow the lawns here. I'm hoping the mulch will stop the wind and rain eroding the tops of the rows and exposing the spuds to the light.
The beetroot bed in the second picture. I weeded this out today and went through pulling out anything over an inch diameter for pickling. Those that are left will grow more I hope. After weeding I earthed up the little ones left behind.

I weeded off the paths from the first 3/4 of the plot. These will not be allowed to get into such a state again!!!!

The beans were hoed and the stragglers were wound around the poles.

No sign of the buckwheat green manure yet, but it is early days.
These are the last paths waiting to be week probably.

Over by the fence I have cleared the nettles and comfrey to the compost, and weeded and dug over the soil around the globe artichokes and the rhubarb and gooseberries.
The compost heap on the left was getting a bit high so I moved the bags of manure out of the other bay and have started in the empty one with the beetroot tops and the weeds from the paths.

Home now for a long sit, and feeling very satisfied with my efforts....
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At 20/7/09 5:36 pm, Blogger Joanne said...

Gosh you have been busy but all will be rewarded and each year produce will be more plentiful with the rasperries.

At 21/7/09 8:18 am, Blogger Matron said...

Physical work is much more satisfying than pushing papers across a desk all day! You deserve to feel satisfied with a good days' work.

At 22/7/09 7:24 pm, Blogger mangocheeks said...

All that weeding does pay off, look at your plot - it looks so neat and tidy.

At 13/8/09 11:57 am, Blogger Rob Clack said...

Just arrived via MyTinyPlot and I'm deeply impressed by how much you're doing.

Also planning to look for seed potatoes to plant now; I'd not heard of them before.

At 20/8/09 10:21 am, Blogger Green Lane Allotments said...

Sorry that this is probably not the best place for these but I couldn't find a contact address.

I'm sure you must be aware of the problems experienced by allotment holders last year due to the use of manure contaminated by a persitent herbicide called aminopyralid. Information has been collated about this problem from the links on this page
Just to update on the latest re aminopyralid contamination in case you would like to provide updates on your website or to allotment holders in your area.

The latest infomation re manure contamination is posted on my website here
I have also sent out a email for circulation by everyone I know that has been affected which is here which you may find useful to circulate to allotment holders in your area.

It is particularly important that gardeners be aware of the need for caution when obtaining manure in light of the fact that the government are now considering reinstating the licence that was temporarily suspended last year. As this is a concern to many gardeners you may wish to publicise an a epetition that has been started here

I am posting updates as I get them on my blog just on case you want to keep a watching brief.

At 1/9/09 12:35 pm, Blogger The Allotment Blogger said...

Your plot looks very tidy - full marks for that!

Our raspberries are a bit dilatory this year, I fear it won't be a good season for the autumn ones.

At 3/9/09 10:45 am, Blogger Libby said...

Just to let you know you won my 4th Blogaversiary draw, if you could e-mail me your address I will pop them in the post to you!
Hope all is well with you as you have not posted for awhile?

At 3/9/09 11:57 am, Blogger lilymarlene said...

Libby. Thanks! I have commented on your blog.
I am OK and I know that it is long time no post, but I have had almost constant visitors, and no action at the plot other than harvesting.
We are off to the US for three weeks starting next week so not much will happen now until October.....then I have big plans at the plot and here at this space!!!

At 2/10/09 7:22 am, Blogger clairesgarden said...

good work! I am very jealous of you 'wanting' to rain! nothing doing here due to too much of the stuff!


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