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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A productive afternoon....

No time to go "plotting" today but I did find a couple of hours to start sorting out the back garden deep beds. I have tidied up 3 of them and got them winter ready.
The Sq Ft bed nearest the gate was a bit untidy with spent pea and bean haulms. But there is also a sq ft of those Cyprus salad leaves that I posted about on here a while ago. They are wonderful and seem to be happy even though the weather is not as warm as Cyprus!!!
The bed is weeded and tidy now and ready for next spring.
The spud bed had very straggly tops. These are the late spuds....bought as suitable for harvesting in December. I have left them in the ground for now. I don't know what is going on underground, or how successful they have been. I suppose I should dig up one plant and see.
The bed with the sweet pea and runner bean wigwams, which also had a volunteer pumpkin vine in it has now been cleared. The 8 inch diameter pumpkin that it achieved is now on the staging in the polytunnel ripening.
This last bed was the most awful orangey coloured hard soil when I started it off three years ago. I have piled manure and compost into it every year since and it is now lovely dark brown loam, teaming with life. I might try carrots in it next I won't put any more compost or manure on it this winter.


At 13/10/09 8:49 pm, Blogger Jan said...

Goodness, so you've got some beds in your garden as well? It sounds as though you got a lot done this afternoon!


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